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Our Mojo

We’re a collective group of developers who have engineered a specific algorithm that allows our clients to access the Instagram data pool directly by marketing their page to those who have a direct interest in their brand, profile, or business. In other words, Velpit allows you to advertise to a specific audience that we believe would be interested in following your page, purchasing your product, or simply staying up to date with your latest posts. Velpit’s algorithm is designed to follow Instagram users based on hashtags, interests, usernames, locations Unlike standard user accounts, Velpit can follow more than 5,000 Instagram users per week gaining a potential of 20,000 views per month for your business page. This gives your fans the chance to view your page and potentially follow you in return.

The world is evolving to “On-Demand Media,” so should you..

  • Instagram has 300 million active monthly users
  • 75 Million use Instagram on a daily basis
  • Users share an average of 70 million photos per day
  • 51% of Instagram users are male, 49% are female
  • Instagram is considered the most important social network
  • Brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%
  • Instagram’s engagement is 58x higher than on FB & 120x higher than on Twitter

  • 52% of marketers are increasing their use of Instagram in 2016 
  • There are 2.5 Billion likes every day, 8500 new likes each second
  • On average 1000 comments are written each second
  • The average engagement per post has grown by 416% over 2yrs
  • Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement.
  • Posts tagged with a location receive 79 percent higher engagement
  • 70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day, 35% multiple times per day

Game Plan



In order for your fans to truly appreciate you, it’s important that you like their pictures first! Velpit will choose which photos to like for optimal results!



The only way to truly stand out on Instagram is to follow your potential customer, hoping they follow back Velpit can follow up to 1000 people per day.



We’ll work with you to create custom introduction messages that Velpit will send to individuals or brands that may have interest in your page!



We constantly monitor the activity on your Instagram page and continue to improve our innovative marketing tools that offer these great features!

All Plans Include a Free 3-Day Trial
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Next Step

“If you’re ready to grow your Instagram fan base then you’ve come to the right place! Velpit will help you gain followers in minutes!”


Choose your package.


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All Plans Include a Free 03-Day Trial

No contract. Simple setup. Cancel at any time.

  • Boost

  • $49 PER/MONTH/mo
  • The perfect starter package!
    • Targets up to 10,000 users /mo.
    • Automated messaging
    • Hashtags Integration
    • User Integration
    • Location targeting
    • Asign Proxy
    • Support

  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Plus

  • $79 PER/MONTH/mo
  • Everything you need to go pro!
    • Targets up to 25,000 users /mo.
    • Automated messaging
    • Hashtags integration
    • User integration
    • Location targeting
    • Assign proxy
    • Support

  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Premium

  • $299 PER/MONTH/mo
  • Velpit professionals create posts for you!
    • Creates 5 Instagram posts per week
    • Targets up to 30,000 users /mo.
    • Automated messaging
    • Hashtags Integration
    • User Integration
    • Location targeting
    • Assign Proxy

  • Start Your Free Trial

Join the Crew

“All our clients started out just like you. Now, it’s time we make you the popular kid at school!”


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